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These upcycled menstrual pads are the perfect replacement for disposables. Made with 100% cotton and bamboo these are absorbent, soft and don't irritate like disposable pads. They do not have a waterproof layer but most cloth users agree that they need to be changed for comfort rather than necessity. 

Prints vary and depend on availability, but you can choose dark or light. 

You can also request heavy if you are uncertain of how absorbent they are. 

Pros of dark:

Lets be honest....stains are hard to see. 

Pros of light:

They look beautiful and pure, and they bleach in the sun so no stains! 


Each day pad is approx  8inches


Unlike other menstrual pad companies at OtherMother there is no extra charge for requesting heavy flow pads...its not fair some of us put the red sea to shame and others get barely a thimble full. #periodequality